What’s On

The Lucerne World Theatre Company presents:

Three short plays by Michael Frayn: “Pig in the Middle“, “Finishing Touches” and “Alarms“.

Pig in the Middle: An argument over unnamed “things” turns into a power struggle between husband and wife.

Finishing Touches: A husband can’t finish a sentence because his wife always beats him to the punch — except for the punchline…

Alarms: Two couples — the hosts and their guests — become ill-fated victims of technology, from a smoke alarm to the oven timer, and a novel yet hazardous corkscrew.

Come to our annual evening of plays on Thursday, May 16th at 20.00 at the Theater Pavillon, Spelteriniweg 6, 6005 Luzern.


FLYER The Little Things

The Verkehrshaus is screening a number of live opera and ballet performances in HD:

Opera screenings

For more information and tickets visit: https://www.verkehrshaus.ch/en/visit/filmtheatre/operas.html

Ballet screenings 

For more information and tickets visit: https://www.verkehrshaus.ch/en/visit/filmtheatre/ballet.html 


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