Past Productions

The Dragon’s Tale (2019)

original script by the Lucerne World Theatre Company, inspired by Jule Verne’s “Around the world in 80 days”

Pictures by Kai Hicks, Speedy Productions, @speedy_productions_13

The young adventurer Amelia and her grandfather, Phileas Fogg, go on a journey around the world to find Pilu, the lost dragon of Mount Pilatus, and bring him home to Switzerland. They are aided by the Chinese Dragon XiFeng, who guides them on their marvellous quest. Together they meet locals from several different countries and learn about their stories, traditions and typical dances.

The Little Things (2019)

Three short comedy plays by Michael Frayn

Pig in the Middle: An argument over unnamed “things” turns into a power struggle between husband and wife.

Finishing Touches: A husband can’t finish a sentence because his wife always beats him to the punch — except for the punchline…

Alarms: Two couples — the hosts and their guests — become ill-fated victims of technology, from a smoke alarm to the oven timer, and a novel yet hazardous corkscrew.

Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat (2018)

originally produced by the National Theatre of Great Britain


Sally and her brother Simon are home alone. It is raining and they are very very bored until along comes the cat in the hat who offers to play fun games that are fun with them. Only the fish thinks that there is something fishy about this cat. As the day descends into chaos the audience will be left laughing and cheering.

Lions of England (2018)

by David Weir 


We performed this play at the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies (FEATS) 2018 in Antwerp.

Decoding Life (2017)

A collection of three short comedies which take us through the encoded universe of human communication.

Flyer Image

A Christmas Tale (2017)

A musical show about nursery rhyme characters escaping their stories and all mayhem breaking lose!

Under the Sea (2016)

under the sea.jpg

The production entitled “Under The Sea” was inspired by several of our aquatic favourites including The adventures of Tiddler.

Ruby of Elsinore (2016)

by Bruce Kane

Ruby of Elsinore.jpgElsinore, Denmark. Ruby has established herself as the go-to hairdresser in town. And, ‘what’s said at Ruby’s, stays at Ruby’s‘, which is why she enjoys the trust of all of her customers – from King Claudius to Hamlet to Ophelia. But many a secret is revealed in this peek into her respected salon.

We performed this play at the Fringe of the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies (FEATS) 2016 in Brussels.


The Actor’s Nightmare (2015)

by Christopher Durang

NEW Flyer LUZERN (3)A man finds himself inexplicably in the backstage area of a theatre 30 minutes before a performance begins. When Meg, the stage manager, confronts him it becomes apparent that the man, George, is the understudy for an actor who has been involved in an accident an he must perform in his stead. George can’t remember attending any rehearsals or even being an actor at all – he doesn’t know what the play is! Haven’t we all had similar nightmares? But what if it isn’t a nightmare and his life really is at risk? After all, we are all such stuff as dreams are made on.

actors nightmare.jpg

We performed this play at the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies (FEATS) 2015 in Hamburg, as well as in front of our home audiences in Lucerne.


The Snow Queen (2015)

Adapted from Hans Christian Andersen

the snow queen.jpg„Once upon a time there was a very old troll who created a magic mirror that made everything good and beautiful look bad and ugly. One day, some naughty little trolls stole the mirror and broke it into a million tiny pieces…” – This is how our story began.

Little Gerda and Kai were the best of friends, and used to play together all the time. It seemed that nothing could destroy the love they had for one another, but something terrible was about to happen: the evil Snow Queen was on the way from her frozen Ice Palace in the North Pole, and would soon arrive in the village where the children lived.

snow queen 2.jpgOnce she got to the village she pierced poor Kai’s eye and heart with pieces of the magic mirror, and took the little boy back to her wintery kingdom. Gerda was so sad and missed her best friend so terribly that she started a long journey to find him. It was not an easy task, and along the way she met some enemies, but she made some good friends too. With the love in her heart she finally made it to the icy doors of the Snow Queen’s palace.

Will Gerda find her beloved Kai, and will they ever be able to return home together?

snow queen 3.jpg



Based on the original story by Hans Christian Andersen this tale of good and evil, friendship and love has adults and children captivated alike.

This play was performed at the Grand Hotel National in November 2015. We kindly thank our sponsors for this production: Living in Luzern, Grand Hotel National Luzern and Angehrn Grafik.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2014)

Adapted from Dr. Seuss

the whole castgrinch1

It’s on you John, winner of the Grand Duchy Award at the FEATS 2014  in Luxembourg.

original screenplay by John Lucarotti, adapted for theatre by Charlie Lucarotti


We are just back from The Festival of English Amateur Theatre held in Luxembourg this year and are thrilled to announce that we WON the award for best stage presentation!

It was our first time in the competition and no doubt we will be back next year.

For now we are taking a well deserved break but will be back in September for more fun.

Please join us – we are looking for actors (brand new to experienced) and tech people (sound & lighting) for our end of year performance of The Grinch who Stole Christmas.

The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo Child

by Julia Donaldson

Poster9On Sunday September 22nd, 2013, we performed the famous children’s books  “The Gruffalo” and “The Gruffalo Child” by Julia Donaldson, which was adapted by one of our members, Niall Duggan.

This was in conjunction with the Lucerne Forestry Day (Waldfesttag) and performed in the open air in the Gutsch forest for hundreds of eager children and their parents. The show was once again a major success and fun for actors, audience members and everyone involved!

We would like to especially thank our creative set designer, Jason Aitken, saxophonist, Derrick Feole, Jacqueline Ferrari and Sara Vetrano for our make-up and Yvonne Bauer for the amazing costumes. We are lucky to have such talented people helping us! Also thanks to everyone who gave their time generously on the day (Marco, Alison, David, Yvonne and Jacqueline) and to the cast and our director, Charlie, for all the blood, sweat and tears.

If you would like us to perform the Gruffalo for your school or community, please contact us.

Bollywood Brides (2013)

by Charlie Hartmann

bollywood brides

Our Bollywood Brides production was a huge success. We had to add five dates on top of the initial four. The show was enjoyed not only by the audience but by the cast, who embraced the Bollywood experience. No doubt there will be a revival of this show at a later date.






16-08-2013 17-31-52


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