Continued Theatre Training

This is open to English speaking amateurs and professional actors.

We meet every week for an evening of theatre exercises and play readings or rehearsals for our latest productions. This gives participants the opportunity to explore various acting techniques and try things out in a safe and friendly environment. We also invite experts to come and give a masterclass in a particular theatre skill, for example vocal training, body language, or improvisational theatre.

We meet on Tuesday evenings at Lili Centre, 6005 Lucerne and the only requirement for participants is being able to speak English and have an interest in acting or helping backstage.

Membership costs CHF 100.- per year.

If you are interested in joining please fill in the contact form on this website. We’re excited to meet you!

We also offer Kids Theatre Classes on Saturdays from 10.30 to 11.30 at the LiLi Centre, Alpenquai 40a, 6005 Lucerne. The children take part in our annual Christmas production in November / December. For more information contact us here.


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